Balloons and polymer

Grigoryan on

Spain’s Sona Grigoryan starts your week with a new way to create transparent hollow beads like the ones pictured here. See all her works on Flickr.

Grigoryan on PCDaily

She has generously uploaded a few photos that give you the basic instructions.

Her method involves fine wire and small balloons! The deflating balloon pulls the raw clay inward and the wire helps keep the shape.

Barnes on

It’s tempting to try a trick with such easy ingredients. A few hours after it was posted Texas’ Joey Barnes already put her spin on a test bead (a great diversion during the Super Bowl).

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    Great! I know that would make it on PCD today. Such a great idea and such lovely beads. Way to go Sona 🙂

    • reply Kathryn Corbin ,

      Everyone who saw this over the weekend went wild! All corners of the world excited by a stunning image, the artist immediately responding to “How?”, and bam! What an amazing community we share!

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        I think this one made it round the world faster than Alice’s Stroppel Cane technique!

        Congratulations, Sona and Joey. I am not a bit surprised Joey jumped on it. Those Texas girls don’t let the grass grow under their feet! They know a good thing when they see it!

        • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

          Ah, I do love the elegant simplicity of this. And reminds us that thinking out of the box can lead to entirely new ways of looking at this wonderful medium. Sona is genius!

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            I can only agree wholeheartedly with everything aforesaid–Sona is an artist to keep an eye on–and her extraordinary generosity in sharing her fabulous spin on hollow bead techniques will insure a loyal following. I am definitely a fan.

            And WAY TO GO JOEY! You are amazing, girl! We can’t wait to see those at guild….:0!!

            • reply Alison ,

              Once again I am in awe of the marvelous flexibility of polymer clay in the hands of talented artists. Sona and Joey’s beautiful work is inspiring me to step anyway from the computer and get back to work!

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                All I can say is COOL!

                • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

                  Agree with everything said here! Especially Ginger’s comment on the “elegant simplicity” of the technique. That is something I always work on…efficiency, simplicity, elegance! Very, very exciting and such generosity! I know all of us will be using and “tweaking” this one. Precioso y muchas, muchas felicidades, Sona! La voy a estar siguiendo…por seguro!

                  • reply Rachana Saurabh ,

                    This is a great technique, Thanks so much or sharing.

                    • reply Polymer Clay Inspiration | Nunn Design ,

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