Kilgast on PCDaily

France’s Stephanie Kilgast places tiny polymer chocolate pralines into a 3/4″ heart box for part of her valentine’s offering. Light on calories and heavy on charm.

Stephanie’s miniatures can be found on her Etsy shop and Facebook. On her blog she reveals her latest creations, miniature coral reefs that she transforms into jewelry.

Kilgast on PCDaily

This new art, she says, makes her happy. What a pleasure to have these small reminders of important times and places. Stephanie shares some free tutorials on her site.

  • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

    They are too cute, love them!

    • reply sandra deyoung niese ,

      Fantastic pieces! Amazing talent 🙂

      • reply Stephanie Kilgast ,

        Oooh thanks for sharing my work 🙂

        • reply Bennie ,

          OMG! I love them and want many of her creations. What amazing detail!

          • reply Rachana Saurabh ,

            Sooooo cute!

            • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

              I am in very VERY deep like with this artist! Love her work!

              • reply Barb Lessen ,

                Makes me hungry!! Too Cute!!

                • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

                  Wonderful work, Stephanie! I agree with everything said her. I have a fondness for baking and the beauty of it…the high-cal sort of baking, lol! But I love miniatures, too. So your work does double yummy for me. Your site and blog are wonderful! Congratulations on being featured.

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