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South Carolina’s Kathy Koontz combined 7 polymer hearts in reds, pinks and purples to make this 4″ valentines dish. She textured the clay before curing, later applying white paint to enhance the marks. The dish sits on short purple legs.

Kathy’s bright colors are everywhere on her Etsy store, Flickr, her blog and her Pinterest boards. Oh, and Facebook too!

One of the reasons Kathy landed on polymer is that she gets bored easily. She jumps with delight from dishes to buttons to jewelry, changing techniques along the way but retaining distinctive and personal colors and themes. She’s a polymer artist at heart.

  • reply Lynda Moseley ,

    It is so cool to see a fellow South Carolinian on PCD this morning! I love Kathy’s seashell bugs, too.

    What a nice surprise to wake up to this icy, cold and dark SC morning. Congratulations, Kathy!

    • reply Kathy Koontz ,

      Thank you Lynda. Yes, it was definitely a surprise for me too! What a crazy day. Ice storm, PCD feature, lost power and our granddaughter was born all on the same day!

    • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

      Gorgeous colors, Kathy! Your store is lots of fun. I can dig the boredom thing…I am totally the same…lol! Congratulations on being featured and keep hoping around!

      • reply Kathy Koontz ,

        Thank you, Andrea!

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