• reply Joan Clipp ,

    I love these hearts Cynthia, Happy Valentine’s Day! And since we’re snowed and iced in here in Georgia, it is wonderful to pass a snow day digging deeper into your site. I don’t know how you do it, but I sure am glad you do, thanks!

    • reply ron lehocky ,

      Love the post today. Such beautiful and creative designs. They could give this man a “heart attack” and drive me into the studio to make MORE hearts!!! (Finished 25,801st heart this morning) Great job. LOVE the clock. Looking forward to seeing some of these artists at Cabin Fever this week.

      • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

        Marie and Laura are always on the cutting edge of it…aren’t they? Donna, I have to say that of all these beauties, I find yours the most captivating! I think the antlers and arrow theme is most unusual and I love how you captured the feeling of sky. You Folks All have a wonderful time at Cabin Fever! Ron Lehocky, even though very far apart it seems you and I were working together this morning with the same intent. Some of my hearts will be up in Kimi Idalski’s Auction for your Kid’s Project. This is the first time I have done this and am very excited to see what you all think!

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