Polymer nerve tonic

Need a dose of Nerve Tonic to begin your week? Romania’s Claudia Chindea says her business name came from her grandmother who thought that color was a cure for the soul. Polymer artists would agree.

Claudia’s business that combines polymer, fiber and fabric is now based in Sweden.

Always a seamstress and then trained in graphics, Claudia says, “I learned to observe in a much closer way. To draw first, and then to move on to the material. My mind opened up. That’s how my collection of jewels, made out of fabric, with much color and texture, begins.”

You can read a little about her (use a translator) and see more of her fabric purses in interviews here and here and on Instagram. Helen Breil sent this new link along.

Free I Love Tools

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  • reply Eressea ,

    Really amazing.
    I like your Flowers!

    • reply Chifonie ,

      Love the energy of colors, and the poetic inspiration!

      • reply Lorrene ,

        Awesome post.

        • reply ramona ,

          wow…..mandra de tine …pupicii…si spor la treaba:)))

          • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

            Love it!

            • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

              Lovely, old-fashioned with a fresh feeling of color and form! Beautiful execution! Claudia, your necklaces are fantastic…but I absolutely ADORE the purse. You have a wonderful sense of design and color and feel for your materials. Extremely well done! Congratulations on being featured in PCD.

              • reply Sam Nelson ,

                Ooh lovely! I love the texture on the flowers.

                • reply Nerve Tonic ,

                  Thank you all for the very kind comments. And thank you Cynthia for writing the lovely article. Very much appreciated 🙂

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