Wireworked polymer

Ponsawan Silaparuti knows how to turn storm clouds into lovely jewels. Wire forms have captured her attention and she’s discovered some tricks to sketching outlines by bending and twisting lightweight wire and then giving the image dimension by filling in with polymer.

The polymer is often carved, faceted and further embellished. She’ll be teaching this pendant in a Rain Cloud class that combines her latest methods at the June L’Atelier conference in Indiana.

Ponsawan’s productivity and drive are impressive and you can see the results on Facebook and Flickr. (Her Flickr site is also loaded with mouthwatering pictures of Thai food.)

Ponsawan’s tutorial site is a treasure trove of some of her earlier tricks and tips. You have to scroll back to find some oldies-but-goodies like her famous easy flower canes and bubble beads.

Hope your skies are clear this weekend!

  • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

    Thank you, Cynthia.

    • reply Sarah ,

      very cool.

      • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

        How fantastic is this artist?! Love when someone steps out of the “norm” and branches out, incorporating different components with polymer! Thanks for the post:)

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