Crothers on PCDaily

It must be almost spring. After a couple of days visiting grandchildren, I return to find Debbie Crothers trying some alchemy in her studio. What do you suppose she’s using?

Grigoryan on PCDaily

Sona Gregoryan is folding paper in complex ways and covering it for a kind of Euclidian polymer. I get back online and everywhere there’s something new in bloom.

There’s even a buzz about an upcoming clay product from Polyform first announced on PolyClayPlay. Seems the suedelike surface of the new Sculpey Souffle may fill the hole left by discontinuation of Sculpey Studio. Spring ideas are blossoming all around.

  • reply Rebecca Watkins ,

    You can also make a suede-like finish by mixing Ultralight with regular clay (as long as the resulting lighter color isn’t a problem).

    • reply Debbie Crothers ,

      Wow thanks so much for sharing these beads. I’ve been experimenting for a few weeks now and still lots more to go. There’s so much you can do with polymer clay – hmmm maybe that’s why I looooove this medium. Thanks again.

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        Both Sona and Debbie consistently come up with wonderful ideas

        • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

          Looks like melted metallic embossing powder on the clay here and in her Flicker photos. However the blue color is awesome and I have no idea on that other than a great blend or some kind of additive.

          • reply Deb Hart ,

            Gratz Debbie and Sona! Absolutely fabulous work!

            • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

              Fabulous work. It’s so cool seeing people experimenting and coming up with new ideas or new ways of using materials and techniques, overcoming inherent limitations. The blue bead looks like something from a far away planet.

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