Busanca on PCDaily

These Monday dragons are from Alessio Busanca, an illustrator from Sardinia who picked up polymer as his primary medium in 2010. His small sculptures combine influences from American comics and Japanese manga. His dragons may be his most popular series and he sells them on Ebay.

Busanca on PCDaily

His Pinterest page has the most up-to-date offerings. I also tracked him down on Facebook, DeviantArt, Twitter and Instagram. It’s worth the hunt to research his endearing miniatures. His pop culture characters, horror show stars and fanart creatures are packed with an endless variety of personalities and styles.

  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    woaw love these little guys – they’re so very cool.

    • reply Priscilla Lane ,

      Sent this link to my daughter. Her husband illustrated a book of cryptozoology and I think he will love these fantastical creatures.

      • reply Alessio Busanca ,

        Thank you so much to all of you for PolymerClay Daily, for the wonderful surprise. 🙂 For me it is a great honor, to be hosted, with even an article dedicated to me, on your website.

        Thank you again, really. 🙂

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