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Kathleen Dustin posted six new World Traveler Purses on her Pinterest board over the weekend. “Based on my travels of the world and the ethnic art I’ve seen and collected, these are my modern tribal purses and their influences,” she says. Each one in this group is named after a city in Turkey.

On this Amasya Purse, large swaths of subtly blended polymer colors are densely textured by hand. Additional dimension is added with dots and other appliques. Washes of color enhance the details.

When a violin bow maker offered Kathleen some horsehair, she gladly accepted it. The horsehair is incorporated into several of these new works.

The top half slides up on thick buna cord which allows the wearer to open the purse.

Thanks to Kathleen for igniting our week with inspiration.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Kathleen’s imagination and creativity are boundless. These new pieces are amazing! I’m particularly intrigued by the 7th smaller “Double Brush Purse.” I can’t quite figure out what part is the lid….She always keeps us on our toes! Thanks for sharing.

    • reply Liz Hall ,

      Absolutely love her work!

      • reply Betsy Ratzsch ,

        This work is absolutely wonderful functional (?) art. What wonderful shapes, colors, and concept. Well done Kathleen. Would love to see more of your work !

        • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

          Gorgeous yet quirky! Functional yet sculptural! Kathleen Dustin’s work is awe-inspiring!

          • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

            Whenever you see the name Kathleen Dustin, you can expect to be astounded. These new purses are no exception.

            • reply Annie Pennington ,

              Stunning, as always!

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                I saw this when she posted and was astonished—she’s taking these in an entirely different direction that is even more exciting than the previous work.

                • reply Wendy Jorre de st Jorre ,

                  Stunning! I love Kathleen Dustin’s work.

                  • reply Gwen ,

                    I’ve always adored Kathleen Dustin’s work, especially her purses.These are amazing as well. I met her briefly years and years ago and she was kind enough to stop and explain how she did the gorgeous hand drawn purses she was making at the time. She is a magnificent artist.

                    • reply Marlene Brady ,

                      Gorgeous! I love her Konya purse the most. She is an unbelievable talent!

                      • reply Sandra D. ,

                        Incredible work I love the colors the style of each purse.

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