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Something fishy is happening with Mary Anne Loveless. Lately this Utah artist has been drawn to making her Poissons series with beautifully patterned scales made from cane slices.

Loveless on PCDaily

Most of her fish are hollow and measure from 10 inches to a foot long. Some of these beauties have ferocious looking teeth. Some shimmer with colorful Skinner blends, stripes and dots.

Are they wall art? Free-standing sculptures? Maybe she’ll tell us. Can’t you envision a school of these swimming across a wall? Right now you can see them best on Flickr. With any luck she’ll post them in her Squarespace shop soon.

  • reply Sandra D. ,

    stunning work.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      What a fun Monday morning surprise! Yes, Cynthia, I’m thinking wall art. How about a baby’s nursery? I don’t usually have the big picture in mind when I start, and I usually show as I go with flickr, but once I got a few of these puppies done, I pictured a school of them on an ocean blue wall. Thanks for making my day.

      • reply Ginny Henley ,

        These are great. Love them, especially the pretty, feminine pink fish with the menacing teeth. What a hoot!

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        Oh, my, yes! Ginny, those are splendid! I’m not following you on flickr.

        • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,


          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            I just love these. Well done, Mary Anne!

            • reply Sam Nelson ,

              Neato as usual from Ms. Loveless 😀

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