Converging polymer

“For this pendant I used a convergence pattern inspired by a quilting template,” says Switzerland’s Sandra Trachsel. The colors buzz against each other as the stripes alternately grow thinner and fatter.

What draws you further in  are the chunky areas of color outside the center square. There’s much to deconstruct and reassemble as you study how the pattern works. Sandra must have been a quilter in another life.

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    Sandra’s work is always impeccable. congrats Sandra!
    Cynthia – she’s from Switzerland, btw…. 😉

    • reply Kristie Foss ,

      What beautiful, precise work Sandra does! I’m particularly smitten with her bargello designs and others based on quilt patterns. Her pieces look flawless. Thanks for sharing.

      • reply Libby Mills ,

        Such a lovely and deceptively simple design! Beautiful.

        • reply Annie Pennington ,

          • reply Sharon Otani ,

            Annie, this link doesn’ t work. I would love to learn how to do this. Are there any tutorials or classes to take to learn how to do this?

          • reply lynn dunn ,

            Impeccable is indeed the word.

            • reply Sandra Trachsel ,

              Thank you for featuring my work here and thanks for the kind comments.
              I added the name of the quilter, Ricky Tims, to the description of the pictures on flickr.

              • reply Maggie ,

                Color play at its best! Love Sandra’s work.

                • reply Sandra D. ,

                  Beautiful work.

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