Dots, strings and squares

Karen Brueggemann – 1st prize – Mokume gane strings Marilyn Dobris – 2nd prize – Rare Tropical Polka Dot Flower Carole Monahan – 3rd prize – NYC Taxi cuff

Here are the three winners in the Spring Push extrusion contest! Strings, dots and squares!

It was gratifying to see a variety of extruded shapes in all the entries and to have examples from artists who otherwise don’t show us what they’re up to.

Follow the links to more examples of the winners’ polymer extrusions. The suggestions for new Global Studio Tools disk designs were terrific too. Thanks to all who played along with us. Have a playful weekend.

  • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

    All three pieces of work are great, but I think the taxi cuff is just super and clever.
    Marilyn Davenport

    • reply carole ,

      Thanks so much Marilyn. This was my third version of the taxi bracelet. Thanks to Cynthia’s tiny square disc i could finally make my vision come to life!

    • reply Trina Williams ,

      Nice work. I had the clay and the idea but they never seemed to get together!

      • reply Margy ,

        Love that polka dot flower!

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Impressive! Good to have such lovely submissions! Cynthia, you must have a little of that “proud parent” kind of feeling! ;^)

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