Belkomor on PCDaily

Russia’s Maria Belkomor is drawn to disks too. Hers are usually thin and flat (unlike yesterday’s Bagels) and her most recent versions have chipped edges that increase their tactile quality. It would be hard not to play with these when you wore them.

It takes quite a supply of disks to make this East Lemonade necklace (that’s what the translation called it) which ends with carved beads and a matching button closure.

Belkomor on PCDaily

The best place to see Maria’s stackable creations is on Pinterest. She has more on Flickr and her blog, including a lovely way of knitting with extruded strings. Thanks to Eva Menager for the link.

Lots to nosh on

Thank you for all the notes wishing me Bon Voyage. I’ve left a few goodies in the blog freezer that will automatically emerge now and then. You won’t starve and there are plenty of morsels in the archives if you get peckish. (Scroll to the bottom of the right column.)

  • reply Geraldine Tabor ,

    Lovely just love the colours xc

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      Splendid sense for color, and I love how I get sort of a fabric vibe from this piece.

      • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

        Oh my, she did pick some lovely colors! Thank you, Cynthia, for introducing her work. Lots of good things there! And have a fantastic time on your journeys!

        • reply Gwen Crable ,

          Love this necklace. Interesting shapes and colors.
          Have a safe trip Cynthia. Enjoy your travels.

          • reply Belkomor ,

            Thank you for your publications, Cynthia! The translation is may be “Eastern Lemonade”

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