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Hamburg’s Antonina Lyamayeva calls these her Bagels necklaces. This one is called Eastern Tales. The flat disks have big holes and jumble up nicely. She combines solid colors and patterned disks with a few metal circles thrown in for bling.

This design is quite trendy and it’s another good use for bits of your favorite canes. (Antonia sells a tutorial.)

She’s an accomplished caner which you can see in a separate Etsy shop here. She also works with glass and metal. Check her out on Pinterest and Facebook.

More Eastern Tales

I’m flying to Malta at the end of the week (and I’m blaming the mishap with Betsy Baker’s link yesterday on travel jitters). My speech is ready but I’m not packed.

I’ll report from EuroSynergy for a few days and then I’ll close up shop for a month, posting intermittently as I travel in Nepal and Turkey. After years of blogging daily, I’m anxious to see what happens when I unplug.

I sure hope you’ll check in often for my news from the road and be here when I get back. It’s an opportunity for you to shake up your routine too.

  • reply Jane Rieck ,

    Thank you for your wonderful work! Have a lovely trip. Turkey and Nepal…wow! I look forward to your return…xoxoJane

    • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

      I really like the way the beads slide about their neighbours, and the variety of finishes on the beads. It’s a good title for the necklace.

      If you have time, visit the Çemberlita? Hamam in Istanbul, and take a clean set of clothes for after. I guarantee you will never have felt so clean in your entire life!

      • reply Deborah Francis ,

        Have a great trip. You so deserve some time off. We will miss you and look forward to seeing all the exciting work from around the world when you return. Thank you for brightening my mornings Cynthia.

        • reply Wendy Moore ,

          Can’t wait to see you in Malta Cynthia and there are some VERY excited ladies looking forward to seeing you in Nepal and keen to show you our new building. Then they want you to tell Ron Lehocky all about it! Safe travels and see you soon! Wendy

          • reply Karen Price ,

            Now I’M feeling jittery wondering what PCD withdrawal is going to feel like. Have a wonderful trip!

            • reply Sharon MacLeod ,

              Don’t worry, world traveller, we’ll be looking forward to your next post whenever it comes.
              Best wishes for your journey….

              • reply Peg Harper ,

                I hope you have the very best time on your travels. You’ve certainly earned a break! I’ll check in every day and study the archives while you’re unplugged. Much Joy! Peg

                • reply KatersAcres WIP Wednesday: A Short Week in My Polymer Clay Studio by KatersAcres ,

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