Arden on PCDaily

Ohio’s Kimberly Arden was surprised when a gallery gobbled up all she had of her new summer design. We aren’t surprised. Kim’s design draws you in as she layers bullseye slices and leaf shapes over a scrap stripe background.

Arden on PCDaily

Some of the bullseyes and leaves are translucent which adds to the dense underwater garden illusion.The summer colors make this a design to dive into.

You can see her bright basic canes here and catch up with her on Facebook and on her site where you can follow her action-packed show schedule.

  • reply Gerri McCullough ,

    I wanted to say “welcome back”! You were missed!

    • reply Kimberly Arden ,

      Wow, Thank you Cynthia! It is so very nice to be featured once again. My computer is blowing up with requests for these pendants!
      It’s so good to have you back, but I must admit to wanderlust and envy while following your trip!
      Thank you for all that you do for the Polymer Clay world!

      • reply Susan Sterling ,

        I think Kimberly Arden is a wonderful Polymer Clay Artist!! I am fortunate to own many pieces of her jewelry! Kimberly’s work and design are so refreshing and her work simply gets more fantastic! I cannot wait until Kimberly is back in my area to show her new designs!

        I love my Kimberly Arden jewelry !!!!!

        • reply marijke ,

          lovely to have you back, enjoy the inspirations,

          • reply Lisa ,

            I love to see each and every post on this website. I am in awe of all the talent. What a gift. What I would really like to see is the back side of finished pieces. I feel like that is just as important to the piece as the front. There doesn’t seem to be much information/pictures about that.

            • reply Angeli Del Rosario ,

              Wow, they look like tiny paintings! I love the color way too.

              • reply Karen ,

                These are very beautiful, but I’m wondering if there is anything you do to them to make them strong and to hold up as jewelry with metal does? Do you add a hardener or a resin to them?

                • reply Bowled over | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                  […] slices over a scrap background to build pendants that have┬ácolor, depth and attitude. Here’s PCD’s first look at Kim’s design from last […]

                  • reply Lana ,

                    I am very interested in learning the “water cane” can you help me find the tutorial?

                    • reply Vicki Harrison-Sewell ,

                      Gorgeous pendants! Lovely colours..

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