Polymer beach reads

Maruri on PCDaily

This Little Boat Brooch from Spain’s Iratxe Maruri will send you sailing through all her online shops and blogs. Iratxe is an illustrator and mixed media artist whose beach scenes and creatures have charm and childishness without seeming treacly sweet.

Iratxe has a very thorough web identity. You can see her inspirations and studio setup on Pinterest and find lots more on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr plus several shops.

Maruri on PCDaily

She keeps one store for her sea creatures and another for her plants and animals.

On a summer Monday her fresh images may give you a momentary vacation.

  • reply anke humpert ,

    Love her work! Cynthia, her Facebook and twitter link both go to her twitter account but not to the Facebook page. maybe you want to correct that? 😉

    • reply Chifonie ,

      Love the fun attitude and faces of her fishes, so much expression in a few grams of clay !
      Very talented.

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        Thanks for the catch, Anke. Fixed it.


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