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With a name like “Klick” it would take time to sniff out this French artist’s identity (and I want to get to my studio) so I’ll leave it to you to share her proper name with us.

Her necklace turned up on FB and caught my eye. Are we color-depleted? It felt like we could use another dose and there it was. Her photo gallery is full of more great color combos.

Klick says she used Dan Cormier’s templates to make the smooth oval shapes. Each bead is a mokume gane painting. Her work pops with energy and I’d love to share non-FB links if you can find them.

Sarah Simpson Connor pointed out that Klick’s name is clearly Caroline Cornic-Isola.

  • reply Lennochka ,

    Juicy, passionate color. Excellent decoration for summer!

    • reply cecile ,

      très beau, je suis fan

      • reply Lyn ,

        Thanks for the color therapy!!!! All those fb photos were just what I needed. All her work is beautiful!

        • reply Ali ,

          Wow, what outstanding mokume gane! Those colors & that patterning are to die for. That necklace is the kind that’s hard to wear because all you want to do is stare at it. Gorgeous 🙂

          • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

            love that necklace!

            • reply Luann Udell ,

              Love the enameled look of these pieces!

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