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Schiller on PCDaily
Schiller on PCDaily

This slightly stunned group of CandleWycke sculptures sprouted in Dawn Schiller’s Chula Vista, CA class last weekend. They fit nicely with yesterday’s woodland find. In a second workshop Dawn taught her famous PocketFae sculpt. Wouldn’t that have been fun?

Oh well, you can glean how-to’s from her book and stroll through her world of Odd Fae on her blog and her Facebook page.┬áThis week Dawn is part of a panel of experts presenting on the Rise of the Artist Entepreneur at Comic-Con in San Diego.

  • reply ali ,

    I love the expressions on their faces. They’re very cool.

    • reply Roos ,

      Awesome!!! Where do you get these empty pocketwatches? Been searching for ever….(maybe they aren’t for sale here in the netherlands)

      • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

        I LOVE her ‘fae’! I would take a class with her in a heartbeat. And clearly she teaches well, that grouping is adorable!

        • reply Sandra ,

          I love them. Yes I will like to take her class. What do I have to do or how can I register?.

          • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

            Reminds me of characters maybe out of the old school “Labryinth” or “Dark Crystal.”

            My fave is definitely the one in the floating locket! Hilarious!

            • reply Linga sakthi ,

              i love it

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