In Sonya Gallardo’s latest collection called Loverboy/s she reflects on romantic love. You may never have seen polymer look quite so sexy and fashionable as it does in her video. “Each piece in this project consists of a pairing of two parts and what they represent reflects some of my ideals on what love is,” she explains.

This LA artist’s Golden Ardor necklace was created for the trendy Of a Kind online artisan fashion store. Sonya and Of a Kind are part of the current issue of American Craft magazine which focuses on artist-made fashion and wearables. Her work (like this two-part Amity necklace) is also sold at the Cooper Hewitt Museum shop.

When she dropped out of art school and moved into her brother’s old room, she asked herself, “What can I make that’s small enough to fit on this table?” A blogged photo of her work went viral and her aesthetic caught on. HighLow Jewelry was founded in 2011. Read her bio here (it contains some great stories).

  • reply Sheila Willert ,

    Wow, that was inspiring. Love the jewelry and imagery.

    • reply Sonya's Polymer Creations ,

      Thank you for sharing this enriching video with us, Cynthia! And BRAVO to you, Sonya, for bringing so much love, thought and sensuality into polymer clay. Your creations are unique not only in their design but also in their philosophy.

      • reply Beth Loughridge ,

        Now that was romantic!

        • reply Sarah ,


          • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

            What a great marriage of design, mood, and excellence. The jewelry is really wonderful in concept and is beautifully illustrated by the video. That was certainly a treat to watch!

            • reply lennochka ,

              delightfully gentle

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