Polymer brush strokes

Jorre de st Jorre on PCDaily

Wendy Jorre de St. Jorre’s Weeping Willow cane is just one in her yearlong study of trees and canes. Every week this year she’s constructed a cane based on a species of tree.

This example is based on a Monet painting of willows. “I wanted to see if I could make brush strokes with clay,” she says.

If Boabs, grass trees, and river gums look exotic to you, it may be because her trees are inspired by Australian landscapes.

Jorre de St Jorre on PCDaily

Her latest effort, Snow Gums, is a 5-cane series that matches horizontally to make a continuous panorama. She wanted to have all her assignments completed so that she could play in Las Vegas at Clay Carnival this week.

Wendy carefully documents her efforts and shows her canes on her Flickr site and there’s a concise overview on her Pinterest page. It’s an impressive project to follow.

  • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

    Yay! Wendy’s one of the most talented polymer clay artists today, in my opinion. Her work is exquisite, her technical skills are impressive, and her sense of color, movement, and design takes my breath away. She’s even won my husband over…he always asks to see her tree cane each week! Thank you so much for sharing this great artist with the world, Cynthia.

    • reply lennochka ,


      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        They look fabulously familiar! I love Wendy’s snow gums and her river gums. Ginger is spot on!

        • reply Sheila Willert ,

          Wow, that is such an inspiration. Great artist.

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            Wendy popped up on my radar about six months ago and I am simply blown away by the breadth of her talent–the technical expertise, the deft hand with color. She is someone whose work I will follow closely. What a distinctive voice!

            • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

              Oh, Cynthia. I am an addicted caner and am SOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed by this artists work. I need to pop over and drool over her trees. Thanks for the post.

              • reply Sabine ,

                What a treat! Wendy’s work is superb and so well designed and finished. Hope you have a great time in Las Vegas, Wendy!!!

                • reply Wendy Jorre de St Jorre ,

                  Thankyou all for your kindness. Sorry I took a while to respond, I have been offline for the past couple of days. Having a great time in Vegas!

                  • reply Sandra ,

                    I like it the polymer brush stroke. Thanks Cynthia.

                    • reply Corliss Rose ,

                      I had the pleasure of claying with Wendy this past week at the Vegas Clay Carnival. She’s a delightful person and so talented. Her canes just rock!

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