Polymer with a point

Siemens on PCDaily

Using 413 small millefiori canes and lots of patience, Canada’s Dorothy Siemens created this 5″ diameter ball.

She describes her system as, “…one step at a time – and eventually it’s done! Truth be told, it happens over a period of weeks as each stage seems to need baking, drying or thinking!” She calls this latest one her Ball of Pointless Pointillism.

Dorothy has been pondering her obsessiveness in both polymer and beading. “Much of my work, especially in polymer, seems to involve the creation of many small components of similar appearance, arranged in grids or around spheres,” she says. Her shelf of creations tells the story.

Siemens on PCDaily

She prefers to think of these repetitive works as meditative which means they’re not really pointless at all.

You can read more about her inspiration and her meditations on her blog. See more in-process shots on her Facebook page and Pinterest.

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    • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

      (I’m echoing Lennochka,) Wow, that is amazing, and what patience. I bet it feels great to touch too.

      • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

        Thank you, Cynthia for featuring my work today! What fun to be checking my emails this morning during breakfast and find your post in my inbox. A great start to my day!

        • reply Wendy Moore ,

          I love Dorothy’s work, and her blog! Always really thoughtful stuff. Thanks for sharing this Cynthia.

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