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This bowl that looks like a mosaic construction assembled from pieces of Delft pottery is Wendy Malinow’s lastest in her series of nests.

The pieces in the China Shard Nest are made from polymer on which Wendy as drawn blue images. The piece isn’t finished, she says there’s a honey covered egg to come.

Wendy’s style is unmistakeable. Here I am modeling one of her wonderfully strange dolls at the Buckeye Bash. Surf through her world on Tumbler and on Facebook.┬áHave a wonderfully strange weekend.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    Love Wendy’s work , always fun, creative and a pinch of strange! Definitely a good way to start the weekend. I have not seen this latest work yet so thank you for posting it, off to check it out.

    • reply loretta ,

      Wendy has been knocking it out of the park with this nest series. They are a completely realized body of work in all senses unique and true to her inner life. She da bomb.

      • reply Frances ,

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Excellent! THIS is how to do “faux” — something it would be hard or impossible to do with the real thing, while still seeming totally like the real thing! Impressive!

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