Polymer prospecting

Hall on PCDaily

Like a rock hunter with pick and shovel in hand, the viewer discovers the glowing opal in Liz Hall’s newest Boulder Opal Bracelet. What looks like rough stone gives off flashes of surprising color and touches of crystal druzy on a 1″ wide brass cuff.

Liz has moved from small mosaic imitative opal to this larger, more dramatic treatment captured between borders of sterling ball chain buried in polymer.

Here’s another example of her boulder opal technique and her Facebook page. What are you prospecting for this week?

  • reply Donna Greenberg ,

    One of my favorite pieces from Liz. I love the edgy interplay between the earthy and elegant textures and forms. Hope to see more!

    • reply Sandra ,

      Amazing work.

      • reply lennochka ,

        unusual, love it!

        • reply Liz Hall ,

          Cynthia, thank you so much for sharing my faux opal cuff. Making these are so much fun and I do feel somewhat like a prospector exploring and discovering. It’s always exciting and surprising seeing how each finish piece turns out. These pieces are a lot more loose and not as technical to create as my mosaic inlays so I enjoy going down a different path with these.

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            Liz is the absolute master of the opal–I love every treatment she has applied so far, but this one is especially wonderful–you can’t stop looking at it in hopes of revealing new wonders.

            • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

              Liz really made something that looks like it was dug up from and old cave and polished up. Really extraordinary.

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