Seed beads in polymer

Dembicer on PCDaily

When I say seed beads and polymer you probably envision small beads woven around polymer cabochons. Connecticut’s Peggy Dembicer thinks differently.

Here she embeds seeds beads in polymer to create a mosaic portrait. She was inspired by a 1940s photo of her mother-in-law. It measured 8.5″ by 11. Even though the beads are pretty widely spaced, they read as a soft, moody photo. Look more closely here.

For this cover of ArtNews magazine she cut out large areas of polymer to make the background of the mosaic. Cruise through Flickr to see more.

Peggy mixes her media using her background in textiles and fiber arts to present a modern take on traditional techniques. She reinterprets her world in fiber, beads and polymer. Let’s hear it for mixing your media!

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    • reply Jeannie Havel ,

      Let’s hear it for polymer clay being on the cover of ArtNews magazine!

      • reply Peggy Dembicer ,

        Thank you for your support Cynthia!

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          Wow, Peggy’s art is inspiring, unbelievable and powerful. So much eye candy on her Flickr site.

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