Collaborative gardens in polymer

Simmons on PCDaily

Carol Simmons has been working on this breath-taking modular Wearable Gardenseries for months. This photo is of a box of her components. She’s been shaping and stacking the caned polymer blossoms into fantastical organic creations that can be worn as brooches or pendants.

Carol feels at home with complex pattern but struggles with three dimensions.

Sculptor Maureen Carlson saw Carol’s flowers and thought the heads would take on new life if they were perched on stalks. She envisioned the pieces as sculpture, wall pieces, terrariums, habitats.

Simmons and Carlson on PCDaily

Both artists had been to the Chihuly exhibit in Denver. Maureen felt that the blossoms could be at home in the Avatar or Epic movies.

Carol and Maureen’s collaboration on this Woodland Garden led to plans for a couple of possible separate workshops, each taking a different approach.

You can look over their shoulders as they work here and here.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Stunning! Purely delightful!

    • reply Janet Pitcher ,

      Love the fairy garden and the collaboration!

      • reply Vicky Seixas ,

        I love these; makes me want to improve my caning!

        • reply Tory Hughes ,

          Nicely done, and they use their environment well. Collaborations can be so effective in giving us new perspectives on our work! Thanks for the reminder, Cynthia. These remind me of Rachel Gourley’s work as well.

          • reply Jana ,

            I just want to climb I side of that world, and never come out. I’m in love with this. Bravo, ladies; you’re brilliant, innovative and ‘in touch’..

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