Polymer in the board room

Bishoff_Syron on PCDaily

This Spring Sprang Sprung table by Maine’s Bonnie Bishoff and J. M. Syron started small and grew bigger.

Bonnie explains that, “The table started as a request from a client to make a board room table and she wanted us to veneer the surface with a design inspired by a tryptich wall piece about 40 inches across.”

The polymer artist/furniture maker duo had already made several large fantastical pieces for the client.

The design concept showed an 8 ft table that would be 9 times larger than the original wall piece and would require 12 pounds of clay.

Bonnie shared a number of in-process photos that will give you an idea of what is required for a piece of this size. (I’ve slid her photos over from Facebook so that you can see them all at a glance.

Bonnie works in jewelry as well as furniture. Visit Artful Home, Bonnie’s shawl pin site, Facebook and their website to acquaint yourself with the wide span of their work. Start your week big!

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    • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

      I know it’s an overused word, but Wow!

      • reply Luann Udell ,

        Love this “big big” project. Curious when the baking took place? I looked at all the steps thinking, “Okay. Yup. Wow!” Then went, “Wait a minute….how big is their oven?!” :^D

        • reply Kate Clawson ,

          Thanks for posting this and making it easy to view all the photos. Bonnie and Mark are an amazing duo of artists working in Polymer clay and wood, just like you and Blair. I was fortunate enough to take a Master class with Bonnie last fall and see many of her panels and learn of her process. It is fantastic to see your medium taken to such an enormous level yet still have all the detail and wonderment of a smaller object like most of us are used to in PC.
          Fantastic job Bonnie!

          • reply Claire Fairweather ,

            Fantastic – it is great to polymer being used for large scale items. Keep up the good work Bonnie, you inspired me so much at EuroSynergy.

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              Love your work, however do you bake these large projects?

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