From painting to polymer

Saurabh on PCDaily

When I first saw the lovely paintings of Indian women by Rachana Saurabh, I thought, “This artist needs to try polymer, she’d be a natural.” It was easy to imagine her graphic style and her skill with color transitioned to clay.

Two years later, Rachana wrote from Baltimore where she now lives and indeed, she had found polymer.

Saurabh on PCDaily

Rachana quickly learned the craft and tried any number of techniques. She gravitated to appliquing bright bits of clay onto beads. Her designs take on a distinctly Indian textile flavor to which she adds bunches of dangling sparkles. These earrings are from her Festive collection.

On her latest bangle, Krishna and Peacock Feathers, Rachana introduced the ladies from her paintings to her jewelry. She says she tried face canes but couldn’t get the hang of reducing. These faces are sculpted and painted on the wide blue bangle. The Indian dieties’ favorite peacocks, cows, trees and lotus circle the piece.

Rachana’s story is full of exotic imagery and happy coincidences. Watch her on Facebook, Flickr and Etsy as well as her blog to see what she develops next.

  • reply Delphine ,

    I really like her style, all the Indian flavour put into polymer ! especially the bangles and the cups… lots of ideas…

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Oooohhhh! Gorgeous! And something that has a distinct personality! LOVE these!

      • reply Rachana Saurabh ,

        Hi Cynthia,
        Thank you so much for sharing my art on PCD.
        You made my day! 🙂 🙂


        • reply Betty ,

          Her work is absolutely beautiful. She is quite an artist!!

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