Mishly on PCDaily

Israel’s Iris Mishly has been on the computer for months learning to give her website a makeover. She’s a do-it-yourself, recycle kinda gal.

You may have guessed that the secret ingredient in her trendy DiscChic line involves a recycled computer part.

Today she’s posted a tell-all video that will have you scouring through the cords and adapters in your computer junk drawer in search of these parts that turn into easy bezels for polymer.

Mishly on PCDaily

Iris’ 30 free tutorials are easy to find on the updated site along with tools and scads of other tutorials by category.

You can find her in the usual places too…Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Etsy. She’s covered all the bases.

  • reply cre8tivewmn ,

    Ooooh. I have tons of those sitting around
    Great recycling tip.

    • reply Jon Burgess ,

      Great idea! Takes me back to the days when 1mb was a significant amount of disk space! 😉 Actually, not sure I want to be back in those days, I’ll take 1terrabyte over 1megabyte any day!

      • reply Iris Mishly ,

        Thank you Cynthia! 🙂

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