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Beauty will save the world. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Austria’s Izabela Nowak posted this quote on her site and she takes it seriously. She mixes polymer with juice boxes and milk cartons as she navigates her way to beauty in recycling. Upcyling humble materials is part of her most recent Cut Up pieces.

Nowak on PCDaily

A stroll through her Flickr site shows how she’s moved from spiraled up strips of polymer (her Gilese pieces) to intricate folded shapes (Into the Fold) and then to Cut up assemblages.

She has found that most manipulations that can be done with paper can also be done with polymer and she has developed classes and workshops for teaching her methods. Ultimately she combines the two media. Her latest creations appear on her Facebook page.

Nowak on PCDaily

Her colors are bright and her love of geometry comes through strongly as she bends, cuts and folds basic shapes into beauty.

  • reply Silvana Bates ,

    Wonderful, love it!

    • reply Izabela Nowak ,

      Thank you so much for the article and for sharing! I´m very grateful and happy! Let´s have another F. Dostoyevsky quote for the end…”Be the sun and all will see you” thanx again and best from Vienna!

      • reply Stephanie ,

        Too cool!

        • reply Corine ,

          Love these!

          • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

            Fabulous upcycling! I’m shopping around for Earth Day ideas. Earth Day 2017 is on Saturday, April 22

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