Kokareva on PCDaily

No extruder? No fancy cutters? No problem. Moscow’s Anna Kokareva (Annie Bimur) shows you how to start the week with a minimum of muss and fuss with two free video tutorials – Cane 1 and Cane 2.

Turn off the sound if you don’t speak Russian. The pictures are sufficient to show you everything you need to know.

Her “cut and replace” approach results in precise geometric canes. Since there are no voids between the design elements, the pattern stays in perfect shape. Here’s Anna’s shop, her Facebook page and her Flickr photos.

The challenge is to come up with more designs that lend themselves to this treatment.

  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

    Cool. I call it cut and insert.

    • reply Carol Shelton ,

      All tutorials should be this well done, and of such great practical value. No need to know the language because the demo was totally clear and concise. Thanks to Anna for sharing.

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