Polymer graduate degree

On her profile Marie Segal lists her educational institution as Hellenback University. Her latest line of work reflects a graduate degree with honors! And she’s got new tricks up her sleeve.

Mokume gane, textures, cane slices and luscious colors are stacked onto lentil shapes. She repeats the shape again and again with each iteration more enticing than the last.

You should know that Marie is credited with being the first person to use the pasta machine to flatten polymer. She’s been at this a while and she’s teaching in the UK in November.

See what Marie’s been creating on her Etsy shops here and here, on her blog, and of course at the Clay Factory. Her most recent works are on Facebook.

Exhibit catalog lucky winners

  • Linda Prais
  • Carolyn A.
  • Kathy Koontz
  • Christina Nevin
  • Ann Schroeder
  • reply Helen H. ,

    I love this new style of earrings that Marie has designed. The combinations are limitless. Love them Marie!

    • reply Katie ,

      I love these new earrings Marie has been making – GORGEOUS!

      • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

        Saw on FB a few days ago that Marie was at it again! Love her new earrings, love her new book, love her everything…love HER period. Congratulations on everything you have ever done, for you deserve every bit of it. Makes perfect sense that it took YOU to think “Pasta machine! Why not?!” Remember that you are welcome to come mess up my worktable anytime…lol!

        • reply Trina Williams ,

          These are by far one of her best creations. I just bought a pair and may have to have them in other colors!

          • reply Barbara Sosna ,

            I had to have my very own Segal earrings. Mine has fuchsia and purple with translucent canework. Very lightweight! Very jazzy!

            • reply JL ,

              Congratulations to ALL the winners.

              • reply carissa ,

                Thank you Cynthia for honoring one of Polymer’s Founding Hot Mamas! Marie has been an inspiration to me from the very beginning. She has faced a mile long list of obstacles and issues with grace, wit and style. She truly deserves her accolades.

                • reply Janice James ,

                  Hi Cynthia,
                  The link you gave for the class Marie is teaching in November refers to 2014.

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