Moving the furniture

Tabakman on PCDaily

Viewers at the Carthage College exhibit said that Laura Tabakman’s installation made them feel good. They described it as a meadow or a wildflower garden. The thin wires on which the flowers were mounted swayed gently as people walked by. The effect was calming, delicate, meditative and cheery.

One flower bed was tucked against the walls near the gallery entrance. A second free-standing patch of flowers created a path that guided visitors into and through the meadow.

How did she do it? Her in-process photos gathered here show how Laura moved all the furniture out of her living room to try the piece out in her Pittsburgh home. She’s used to moving the furniture. Take a look at some of her previous works.

  • reply Sheila Willert ,

    That is really creative. I absolutely love it.

    • reply Virginia Tyson ,

      I love this idea. Even on a small scale, an installation like this would change a room drastically providing a little patch of beauty and calm.

      • reply Klavdija ,

        WAW… Laura I admire your creativity!

        • reply Wendy Moore ,

          So so beautiful Laura! And Cynthia, thank you for sharing it!

          • reply Beverly Chesterby ,

            Wow! Laura is like a gifted musician whose talent comes through whether she’s playing a piano, violin, or zither! Checking out her website, you can see that her lovely ideas come through no matter what the medium. The polymer clay community is lucky that one of those media is US! Love, love her polymer clay jewelry!

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