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Koranek on PCDaily

It’s all-extruders, all the time here at the Mammoth Cave Extruda-Paloozain Kentucky. This Black Widow Spider by Ohio’s Chris Kibitlewski is mostly polymer. He makes the legs from the thinnest extruded tubes I’ve ever seen by using three disks (a corer and two circles).

Amy Koranek¬†fills bottle caps with bits of Halloween-themed extrusions. Mari O’Dell is filling our heads with new ways of thinking about extruding that I’ll share next week.


  • reply Ron Lehocky ,

    We are so please to have Cynthia as our guest artist this year. Mari O’Dell is hitting it out of Mammmoth Cave park with her excellent, well prepared presentations and her innovative use of the extruder. Other guilds should seek her out for a wonderful 3-4 day retreat. Her reviews from all the attendees include adjectives like awesome, fun, and wow.
    Every type of extruder is being used including Leslie Blackford’s garlic press extrusions!

    • reply Sandra ,

      Amazing work.

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