Palumbo on PCDaily

Jill Palumbo’s big beads have an unselfconscious flair that’s part tribal, part fashion flash.

The layers and layers of pattern on these big beads have an appealing gestural quality as if she confidently shrugged her shoulders and flung on color. The fuzzy fiber cords fit right in with her “more-is-more” attitude.

If you’ve ever tried collaging with abandon, you know what a trick it is to tread the line between just right and too much.

Jill often finds inspiration in art challenges and does some of her best pieces when she’s reinterpreting great works of art. Here are her Pinterest and Flickr pages.

  • reply Priscilla ,

    I recently told Jill that interpretations of paintings and other great works of art blow me away. Thanks for featuring her work today.

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Terrific post. I love her work AND she is one of the nicest peeps. This work is so inspiring. I have used those fibers too, but not in this artful way.

      • reply Nancy ,

        What a beautiful piece of wearable art! I love it

        • reply sarah shriver ,

          Hey Jill, Wonderful blog! Bravo!

          • reply Jaycob ,

            I love this piece of art. Mrs. Palumbo is my teacher and I try to keep up with her art. I think it is so amazing!!!

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