Closure in a bead is a snap

Kokareva on PCDaily

A good necklace closure is often the polymer artist’s holy grail.

If you’ve wrestled with hooks and clasps, you will appreciate the satisfying click of the Dots and Lines piece by Moscow’s Anna Kokareva (Annie Bimur).

Her magnetic clasp hides neatly within the big focal bead and snaps together easily. (I’m guessing the magnet has been attached with epoxy clay since magnets don’t like baking.)

Of course the interestingly beaded cord adds a lovely touch as well. There’s more on her Flickr site and on Facebook.

Seasonal polymer

Kato on PCDaily

Donna Kato is getting in the spirit of the season. What started out as a green big bead necklace, begged for some red. It’s much more than your typical red and green design however.

Her clean graphic designs feel tidy, cheery and under control which is what most of us are aiming for on the day before Thanksgiving.

Donna’s been fishing and her fish look dressed for the season too.

Kato on PCDaily

Read more on Facebook, on her CraftArtEdu site and on the PrairieCraft site where she sells unusual findings and tools.

Big gestures

Palumbo on PCDaily

Jill Palumbo’s big beads have an unselfconscious flair that’s part tribal, part fashion flash.

The layers and layers of pattern on these big beads have an appealing gestural quality as if she confidently shrugged her shoulders and flung on color. The fuzzy fiber cords fit right in with her “more-is-more” attitude.

If you’ve ever tried collaging with abandon, you know what a trick it is to tread the line between just right and too much.

Jill often finds inspiration in art challenges and does some of her best pieces when she’s reinterpreting great works of art. Here are her Pinterest and Flickr pages.