Finding movement in polymer

Szetu on PCDaily

Cat Szetu’s shawl pins swoop and curve more than you might think possible. That’s what may first catch your eye on her Etsy shop.

If you look on her Flickr page you’ll see she’s starting to apply those same movements to vessels, containers, desk sets. The clay whips around as if the wind had blown it.

This former Connecticut packaging and communications artist is experimenting and having fun with her Nestled Vessels. Be sure to see her cane slicer built from Legos too!

Szetu on PCDaily
  • reply Cat ,

    I’m extremely humbled and honored to be included here :o)
    Thanks so much, Cynthia!
    And thank you especially, for bringing us all this inspiration everyday.

    • reply Barbara Poland-Waters ,

      Wow, those vessels are gorgeous! And appear so effortless! I love the Lego slicer, going to have to have my son build me one! LOL

      • reply Sheila Willert ,

        Those shawl pins are awesome! Love them.

        • reply genevieve williamson ,

          Very clever!
          Its cool to see what people’s “backgrounds” bring to the table.

          • reply Kristie Foss ,

            I love Cat’s style and flair! The shapes she makes and the layers of swirls and swoops are inventive. Her pieces have a playfulness that really appeals. So glad to see here work here. Thanks!

            • reply Rachana Saurabh ,

              I have always loved her shawl pins.. just amazing.

              • reply Carole Monahan ,

                I love the look of Cat’s pieces! She is someone who has found her own creative voice.
                Congrats Cat!

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