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Donna Kato is getting in the spirit of the season. What started out as a green big bead necklace, begged for some red. It’s much more than your typical red and green design however.

Her clean graphic designs feel tidy, cheery and under control which is what most of us are aiming for on the day before Thanksgiving.

Donna’s been fishing and her fish look dressed for the season too.

Kato on PCDaily

Read more on Facebook, on her CraftArtEdu site and on the PrairieCraft site where she sells unusual findings and tools.

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    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      I have always loved Kato’s work — she has such a distinct design sense, a wonderful sense of shape, perfection in her craftsmanship — an excellent role model! Kudos for this new work!

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        <3 <3 <3

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          Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to let you know that for some reason there are no more pictures showing up in my feedly reader. I have not changed any settings and it is only your posts so I guess it must be something that got changed here. Would be great is the pictures would be shown again… ;-)) All the best! Anke

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            Love this!!!

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              Love Donna’s work and those fish are fantastic!

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                Very nice!

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                  BEAUTIFUL WORK. #1111111111111111111111

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