Gifts outside the box

Wiggins on PCDaily

Angie Wiggins wanted to think ouside the box as she considered making gift items this season.

Her business card holders are sure to be a hit and on Facebook she shared a photo of the wood block she drapes decorated clay sheets over to form her cheery desktop artworks. The bright bulbous feet give the card holders height and add to the party.

Wiggins on PCDaily

Starting out as a weaver, Angie has become well known for her paper bowls onto which she adds bright beads and small bits of polymer. She considers herself a mixed media artist, a chicken farmer and a garden grower.

Wiggins on PCDaily

You can see what inspires Angie on Pinterest and catch more of her work on Facebook. Angie has a strong and fearless sense of color that infuses all her designs with excitement.

  • reply tejae ,

    How fun! She has some very interesting Pinterest boards! Thanks for sharing.

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Really cute — at first I thought they were vehicles (like a school bus) — so that’s an easy modification for someone to try!

      • reply Polymer brushes | Polymer Clay Daily ,

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        • reply Jan Manning ,

          I receive your daily postings but not the one that includes “you might also like” which has links to past postings. If I can only receive one, could it be that one?

          • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

            Jan – I’ll see if I can add the “might also likes” to the mailing. Good idea.

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