Coming to blows with polymer

Tayler on PCDaily

Vancouver’s Joan Tayler is offering an early holiday treat. Gift yourself her 9-page polymer whistle tutorial and you’ll be able to create your own presents – useful zipper pulls, clever pendants or noisy kids’ toys.

“In spite of the simplicity of this design it has taken me years of small changes to come up with an efficient way to make a polymer clay whistle,” Joan admits.

Joan taught me her method this summer. I had success on my first try and I’ve been bugging her to publish a tutorial ever since. My nagging paid off! The tutorial spells out the steps every which way – in photos, in words, and with drawings.

Tayler on PCDaily

Joan turns her whistles into lovely birds and hides them under gently draped leaves. StudioMojo subscribers will hear me toot my whistles in tomorrow’s edition. I don’t often gush but making whistles is a special skill that Joan has made available for the rest of us.

  • reply Lee Ann ,

    I met Joan in BC and was excited to see her tutorial. I told Larry that she was making PC willow whistles. That conversation took him back to boy scouts around the camp fire carving willow whistles. This may be my entry drug to get him in the studio. I’m sure I’ll need his ‘willow whistle wisdom’ to help me. Great tut. Congratulations to Joan.

    • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

      Been working on this myself and it is not easy doing it from scratch and ceramic whistle explanations. I suppose because polymer is a much more pliable clay. Thanks for bugging Joan, Cynthia and Thank you Joan for sharing!

      • reply Luann Udell ,

        I bought this beautiful owl whistle from Joan two years ago. Even through my recent chaotic move to California, it holds a special place in my collection of special artifacts. Beautiful work, Joan, and let me know if you make more in this ivory series!

        • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

          BOUGHT! So excited . . .

          • reply Rachel G ,

            At last.

            • reply Carrie Harvey ,

              I’ve long admired Joan’s whistles so l’m really excited and can’t wait to have a go!

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