Doodled polymer ornaments

Thorp on PCDaily

Filigree meets mosaic meets polymer in these ornaments from Jael Thorp. The dark reds and bright accents add richness, hinting at traditional patterns and including canework then veering off into more contemporary doodles in clay. Their meandering intensity winds around to weave a complex story.

Thorp on PCDaily

This style started when Jael was doodling with clay as she made a batch of inchies. Read more about how she got carried away in this post and on her blog, on Flickr and Facebook.

  • reply Laurie Mika ,

    These are just gorgeous! Was just at a pop up art show on Saturday and a gal came up to me and said she had seen my mandala on your site that day! We both agreed that your blog is one of the BEST out there and something we both look forward to each day. Your reach with this wonderful blog is far and wide and so appreciated by all of us out here in the blogosphere!

    • reply Kristie Foss ,

      Thanks so much, Cynthia, for sharing Jael’s latest ventures. I love the ebb and flow of these pieces. To me they seem like mosaics that combine numerous techniques along with great colors. Isn’t it outstanding where doodling in clay can take one! 😉

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