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Never in ten years has your editor whipped up earrings for a PCD post but I live in Ohio. That means that I must post something in support of OSU’s big national championship football game tonight. My apologies to Oregon polymer fans.

The Ohio State University is relentless in quashing all copyright and design violations. They can’t own stripes, can they? While these are not great art, let’s hope this scarlet and gray interpretation contains some luck. (Quick and easy gifts are one of the reasons you got started in polymer too, right?)

My lunch companions will appreciate the free game day jewelry and I have fulfilled my obligation as a citizen of Ohio. Go Bucks!

  • reply laurie prophater ,

    As a transplanted Buckeye, your post brought a smile to my face this morning. I hope I am smiling tomorrow morning as well. GO BUCKS!!!

    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

      Being a Clemson fan, I don’t have a dog in that fight, but the copyright issue is one of my pet peeves. It brings out my soapbox. I see so many polymer designs of obvious copyrighted and trademarked logos and characters, and I have asked several of the dedigners if they are licensed to use. The answer is always no, and the general consensus is that if caught, they will plead ignorance. I hate to tell them, but ignorance has never been a great defense, and the monetary penalties alone range in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. So, forgive my soapbox stance, Cynthia, but I am happy to see you worked around the issue in a creative way and stayed on the legal side of street. I would hate to have to come to Ohio and get you out of the hoosgaw! 🙂

      • reply Colleen ,

        Football is a corrupt sport where coaches make more money than university presidents and where players suffer concussions that lead to lifelong disabilities. Of course there is a protection of stripes. The whole enterprise is corrupt and supported by people who are led by the emotions of the crowd.

        • reply Laurie Mika ,

          You are sooo funny! Gotta love that school spirit….and your friends will be over the moon with their game day gifts!

          • reply Colleen ,

          • reply Ellen Aberegg ,

            Go Bucks. Have my lucky earrings, necklace (all polymer Buckeyes), scarf, shirt and socks. I found out during the sugar bowl my antique hat from college was not lucky and once I took it off, the game turned around. Having duck for dinner! Go Bucks!

            • reply Sidnie Kacir ,

              You’re a good Buckeye Cynthia!

              • reply Dave & Carolyn ,

                Congratulations on Ohio winning Cynthia! Your earrings must have brought good luck!

                • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

                  Love the stripes and yes we are all smiling this morning! Our Buckeyes did the whole state proud and the Big 10 too. Those kids are really the definition of team. Go Bucks!

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