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Recognize this artist? You won’t find this polymer Baby Groot on the Etsy or Ipernity or CraftArtEdu pages of Bettina Welker.

This Guardian of the Galaxy character (it’s the highest-grossing superhero film of 2014) was tucked into Bettina’s Facebook sculpture album. Her superhero sculpts are a guilty pleasure and I’m guessing they’re collaborations or commissions from her young son.

Sometimes it’s fun to stretch a different art muscle. Sculpting obviously tugs at Bettina’s creative heart and she’s good at it. Have you ventured out of your comfort zone lately?

  • reply Bettina ,

    Thanks a lot for the feature Cynthia.
    Well, no it’s not Noah who started me on this guilty pleasure. The first two (Walter White and Hulk) were made for a friend. But Loki and Groot I made entirely for myself. I know I’m kind of a nerd, especially when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s still one I have to do…again for the friend and that might be the hardest one so far (the reason why I’m stalling on this a little bit) – Gollum…oy!

    • reply delphine ,

      Good question ! I started making polymer clay boxes, and found it very interesting ! you can have a look at them on my blog.
      I anyway am a great fan of Bettina !

      • reply Aims ,

        Even though Baby Groot looks like he might be an easy sculpt – I doubt very much that he is! Bettina certainly has nailed him here though hasn’t she! What an excellent job she did! Thanks for posting this – it made me smile instantly!

        • reply Barbara Lindsey Sosna ,

          And “Baby” is such a great dancer!

          • reply Jenna ,

            As a fan of the movie, I’m so excited to see a polymer dancing Groot! I’ve admired her jewelry for years; Bettina is definitely multi-talented. The details in this sculpture are great!

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