Feel good Friday polymer

Tinapple with Sturla

My new polymer alter ego from Erica Sturla may skip around the pages of PCD to dress up the place and brighten some nooks and crannies. (What a fun business expense!)

Today she’s waiting for you on the “How to get noticed” page.

A roof over our heads

Give yourself a feel good moment and take pride in the lives you helped improve as you watch this 3-minute video of progress on the Samunnat Raise the Roof campaign that you funded last year in Nepal.

The Samunnat Etsy shop is back online now that Wendy Moore has returned home to Australia with fresh inventory. Catch up with her and the ladies from Nepal on the blog, in the store and at KazuriWest.com. Thank you for your continuing support.

  • reply georgia ,

    what an adorable delightful work! love it!

    • reply Beth Petricoin ,

      I love your alter ego, how adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the video, it’s so inspiring to see what the polymer community has done to help the women of Nepal.

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        the insouciant turn of the ankle says it all….

        • reply jan montarsi ,

          How Fun !!! thanks for the Samunnat Video !

          • reply Barb Alexander ,

            Your caricature is “dead cute”. I’d love to have one too. And it’s always nice to see what our friends in Nepal are doing. Seeing them *in action* on video was a lot of fun – like being there! Thank you.

            • reply Rachana Saurabh ,

              Love it! A big hug to every helping hand..

              • reply Wendy Moore ,

                We love your alter ego Cynthia and thank you so much for letting people know about the videos! And the reopened etsy store! The shop mistress is highly erratic to say the least and we need all the help we can get letting people know about the crazy hours! Thanks to you and Sabine Spiesser, we have already had three shoppers! We are very grateful!!! A new box arrives from Nepal in the next few days so we will be posting some her things including our recycled sari jewellery. Not polymer but something the talented polymer artists out there could add polymer too? Grateful love and thanks to EVERYONE!!!!

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