Starting small

Gamayunova on PCDaily

Russia’s Ekaterina Gamayunova begins PCDaily’s 2015 with this tiny polymer couple who commissioned versions of themselves who will live inside a small glass jar diorama to remind them of a special time.

It’s fascinating to see how Ekaterina mimics details down to the wrinkles in their jeans and the texture of their sweaters using only her fingers and needle tools.

How will you start the year? Big and expansive? Small and intense? Or somewhere in between?

2014 Top Five

Arden on PCDaily

PCD’s 2014 annual report shows that readers were very curious about hollow polymer forms. Here are your five favorites:

The top attention-getting post for the year was Kim Arden’s lush summer design. She layered translucent circles and leaf shaped slices over a scrap clay striped base.

There is no denying that Kim is an attention-grabber in everything she does. On Facebook she chronicles one outrageous antic after another alongside eye-catching polymer designs. Look at her latest cat cane.

My thanks to every one of the million and a half visitors who stopped by for a look at the latest development in polymer this year. Please visit often in 2015. Happy New Year!

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