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Florida’s Debo Groover is a failed bead maker. She couldn’t figure out how to use polymer so she devised her own methods as this large Dog Park painting shows.

She says that, “A few thousand bars of polymer clay and eight pasta machines later, I use the clay like a piece of fabric or paper. I mix the colors and make the patterns. I cut and glue it. I scrape and scratch it. I treat it like it was real clay and end up with surfaces I couldn’t possibly achieve with just a paintbrush. I try to capture the joy that is in my life and I tell my silly stories.”

Debo had a very successful ceramic career, traveling and teaching all over the world, but in 2000 her home and studio burned to the ground. Heartbroken, she stopped doing art, and instead renovated houses and worked as a nurse.

Groover on PCDaily

Then four years ago she started playing around with polymer clay. She’s self-taught and knows that her methods are unorthodox. People often think her large paintings are fabric or wood or linoleum.

You can read her story in the Fort Myers paper this week as she and her partner Tina begin the art festival season. Tina makes the smaller pieces and keeps things organized and on track. Follow their uninhibited and colorful works on the web site, on Facebook and on Pinterest.

  • reply delphine ,

    A great artist, thank you for the discovery

    • reply Jane Rieck ,

      I went to the Palm Palm Fine Craft Show this past weekend. Debo Groover’s work is beautiful. So is she. Great show! xo

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        How very cool. I love the idea of approaching a medium as if one was an alien–if you don’t know how a material should be used, you are free to invent your own use. The results can be so inspiring.

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          Love her innovative take on our medium. Wonderful post. Wish I could see them in person. Thanks for the post.
          I don’t know why you cannot find a feed. Sorry.

          • reply jan montarsi ,

            How Cool !!!!! Woof Woof !

            • reply Sherry ,

              I love this stuff wish I could see it in person! (I’m curious about the texture an substrate…)

              • reply Denise Pettit ,

                Very refreshing! Hope I can see her work in person some day.

                • reply Bill Underwood ,

                  We love Deb and Tina and are thrilled to have them in our new show, Palm Beach Contemporary: the Art, Design & Fashion Event of the Year March 10-12, 2017 at the Expo Center at South Florida Fairgrounds!

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