Ortiz de la Torre on PCDaily

Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre has Germs. That’s what’s she’s calling this series of post earrings (or at least that’s how Google translates it).

They’re pillow shaped and covered with striped veneers. The corduroy texture comes from the fine threads on a bolt rolled across the unbaked surface. That’s an easy addition to pop into your toolbox.

Ortiz de la Torre on PCDaily

Look closely and you’ll see subtle blends in Silvia’s bright stripes. As a wearer of post earrings, I appreciate her attention to small interesting shapes. See more of Silvia on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and Etsy.

  • reply Joanie B. ,

    My search yielded “rags” as a description.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Love the texture–and my collection of threaded rods! The best ones I find in the lighting department of hardware stores; I call them my Becca tools, after Rebecca Watkins (Artybecca) who first introduced me to them. Used very effectively here.

      • reply Silvia Ortiz de la Torre ,

        Thank you so much for featuring my humble pieces! Randee, I didn’t use a rod, but a simple cloth which I passed together with a sheet of clay through the pasta machine.

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