Intentional Monday

Cormier on PCDaily

This pendant is part of Dan Cormier’s new Intentional Mokume Gane which he’s teaching this Tuesday in Slovenia as part of a week of workshops. He’ll demonstrate how to use dies and cutouts as templates for cutting more predictable patterned veneers with nature-inspired organic shapes.

Dan leaves little to chance and the idea of making mokume gane a less random process gets our attention.

He moves on to France later in March and then returns to the US for summer classes. Check out his schedule and his other new classes here and on Facebook – a good start for your intentional week.

  • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

    Ooh – I saw Dan do one of these when he and Tracy and Griff visited London last year. Watching the process, not one of us could imagine how on earth it was going to turn out, and the Big Reveal (and Dan is one heck of a showman!) had us all gasping.

    • reply Chris Owens ,

      So very interesting! I’ve been experimenting with “planful” designs in makume gane. Not sure I’d call them “Intentional” yet. 🙂

      • reply Tracy + Dan ,

        Hi Cynthia. Thanks for featuring Dan’s workshops this week in Slovenia. We’re thrilled that he’s there for this big event, with some cool new looks at fave techniques. Yesterday’s ‘Matrix Re-Mix’ went well, and as I write this, Day 2’s ‘Intentional Mokume’ is just getting underway. Looking forward to seeing what the students discover along the way…

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