Sand-washed, sun-bleached polymer

Sevva on PCDaily
Sevva on PCDaily

Elena Sevva’s latest series of necklaces look sand-washed and sun-bleached by the Israeli elements. Her Archeological series is strung on coarse twine. The one on the left is From the Beach and features a faded pencil drawing on the focal bead. Another is entitled From the Old Olive Grove.

Elena’s work is rough and worn. She’s at her best when she pulls from memories to create fragments in polymer. Each piece is full of stories, mystery and history.

She’s gathered a large trove of pieces that inspire her on her Pinterest board and she keeps a continuing┬ácatalog of her work on Flickr.

Silkscreening on Craftcast

Syndee Holt shares her secrets of silkscreening and coloring on polymer tonight (March 18) on Craftcast. She also excels at taking images from camera to computer to polymer and then bringing them to life with inks, pencils and markers. I’ll be in the front row! Come join me.

  • reply Helena ,

    Dear Synthia ! I am so proud of being here !
    Thank you very much!

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      Maybe it is because I am currently a desert dweller, but I love these! The organic, aged, timeless look really appeals. I loved Elena’s FlickR page too. Thanks Cynthia!

      • reply staci louise ,

        I love how much they look like natural elements! and the whitewashing brings a whole new look to organic and rustic! beautiful. and I am drooling over your pinterest board- good stuff. I love it all

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