Dwyer on PCDaily

Maine’s Jayne Dwyer has jump on spring with this big and complex pansy cane. If you’ve ever grappled with a big cane, you’ll be impressed by what Jayne has achieved – complicated shading and graduated, textured colors everywhere. We’ll have to check back to see what she makes of it.

Dwyer on PCDaily

Jayne thinks in both a painterly and a 3D way which can be downright tricky. The canes are very clever puzzles.

Go through her Paper Moon Jewelry Facebook page and Pinterest boards to see how she uses slices of reduced canes. She translates her Spring fever into polymer canes just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

  • reply Sherry ,

    Love the goldfinches — I might need some earrings of that cane for myself and maybe for my boss!

    • reply Sharon Case ,

      Incredible work, I’m always impressed by those who do cane, takes a lot of talent , skill & imagination. Looking forward to seeing what she makes of it.

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