Leather and polymer

Bragina on PCDaily

Leather is all the rage and Russia’s Anna Bragina is all over mixing polymer with leather.

Seeing the photo of her bracelet layed flat makes it more understandable and the magnetic clasp is very au courant.

The slight flare of the four polymer squares help them hug the wearer’s arm. Go to Facebook, her sales site and Flickr to get the complete picture.

Bragina on PCdaily

Friday follow-ups

Jot Wednesday evening down on your calendar for the Craftcast Organically Speaking class with Kelly Russell. It’s a polymer clay/metal clay media melange.

Check out Tammy Dye’s all-polymer version of the Anna’s bracelet. Tammy will be revealing her secrets at the L’Atelier Polymer Clay Workshop in Indiana June 14 to 16. Early bird prices are still in effect. Register here.

  • reply Anna Bragina ,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • reply Jill Palumbo ,

      Anna’s work is stunning. Thank you for featuring her. I have just spent a very enjoyable visit to her Flickr Photostream. Breathtaking!

      • reply PiperPixie ,

        As a dog lover I just can’t imagine wearing ANYTHING leather! Over 3 million DOGS every year are slaughtered for leather because the demand out weighs the supply the livestock industry can provide. Look it up, I’m not making this up.

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